The big leap that went unannounced, I thought it’d be useful to leave a scar of what happened during this time, but maybe its absence is its own scar. That friend of mine who touched my soul in a really deep point I yet don’t get to grasp, but that I crave for when I remember our new next encounter helped me back on my road on this one stage of the flame reborn.
The phoenix.
I am.
The phoenix I am. And I can repeat it over and over, and over again, but only for how awesome it seems to me. It clears slowly and smoothly, and I get to see it, last time was while taking a shower. And I wondered, did I actually think of this, or was it only a childish idea. It’s like I wanted to believe it’d be, but didn’t quite do so for it seemed to romantic, but what do I know. Believing or not I walked in and walked out. The whole journey of a pice of mine. Now I’m right at the point in which I want to be, got doubts, got joys, but I know I’m here and that’s where it should be. And it was always like that wasn’t it, George? And I know you don’t know, but it’s good you say it, because a part of you does, so just keep it strong, boy. You’ve got this far, there’s no way you can go back, only remember that’s all for good. And really, if nothing is created nor destroyed, new events must come from somewhere and that must be the past, so rejoyce on that discovery, boy, rejoyce and dance to it.