And I’ve wondered if it is really important to feel like you did something, like you are important and that you were born with something special. Because we were, most certainly were are all original versions of the one and only versions of who we are and will only be. But somehow my inner me, the one’s that’s for display on the galls tells me I should be proud, and if it was luck or magic I does not count. But does talent only account for the notes we play, or is it also how powerful we feel when we do, how much life runs through us when we do and how much we drink and get drunk and sore and become aware of it all when we seek it, how badly we want something, how beauty and passion mingle and mix together into making our very own selves, being ready to do and give anything, absolutely anything to be somewhere, to live something. My sage popped up on the middle of the bridge and showed me that. It is not fame what we seek for, just let it come if it does, but watch out, for it can consume you that so big and bigger fame. It is not fame, it is art, music, it is magic, it is life, and art is life when we achieve our purpose, so why put them separatedly. This is yet one more test, we are jumping to get to the feet of the mountain, and it’s a victory, but only one that opens the door for the next challenge. So remeber that.
It is important to remember that. There’s no end point, only new doors.
And how exciting is it?